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Top 10 Most Popular Sports in the World


Top 10 Most Popular Sports in the World

There has always been debate regarding the most popular and most watched sport in the world. This is because  everyone supports their most loved sport. This is the dilemma that sports journalists and personalities are trying to find a solution for.

But their ideas contradict to some extent and a mutual consent seems almost impossible. We have crafted  a list of top 10 most popular sports in the world based on several factors like the global following, TV viewers, the stability of the system of sport, the revenue it generates, endorsements and advertisements, social media presence and more.


10. American Football


It has a fan of about 400 million. American football ties with basketball in terms of popularity. The games, basketball, and American football originate from the USA. They are very much common in the region than in any other continent. The most popular league of American football is NFL  in the USA. The game overall generates a revenue of $10 billion annually.


9. Basketball




It is no news that United States is the home of basketball. With a fan following of 400 million, basketball is the 9th most followed sport in the world. There was a time when the game was restricted only to it’s home country. But at the moment, it’s popularity is increasing with a high rate and it might become one of the most popular sports by the next decade. As far it’s economics is concerned, basketball has the second highest average salary of a player which is  $4.4 million a year. And a big star such as Kobe Bryant earns almost $25 million a year in salaries.


8. Golf


Golf is a game for the riches. And no surprises that it has the largest professional prospect in the developed countries like Japan, USA, United Kingdom, South Africa and Korea. Although golf is the 8th most popular sports in the world, but it has the most revenue generation and big prize money to the players. A player with the abilities like that of Tiger woods could easily become the richest athlete on the planet. Golf has a following of 450 million fans around the globe.


7. Baseball



A majority of the people around the world might not have held the baseball bat in their entire life, but in the countries like Japan and USA, people enjoy baseball even in the streets. People of those regions are passionate about this sport and many opt to pursue a career in baseball since childhood. Both Japan and the USA have the biggest leagues in the world naming Nippon league and MLB respectively.

6. Table Tennis

table tennis

Table Tennis is a game with not much professional platforms for the showcase of talent. But as a hobby, no sport comes near this indoor excitement that is widely played around the world. But when it comes to playing the game on a professional level, only countries like Indonesia, China, and Malaysia and, to some extent, India play this game. It has an estimated fan following of 850 million.

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