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Top 10 predictors of Divorce that are important to watch out for


Top 10 predictors of Divorce that are important to watch out for

In every relationship, there are often signs of unhappiness. This makes us question ourselves whether or not we should stay committed and or loyal to the person we are with. Looking for indicators of divorce helps us make quick and reasonable decisions in a shorter amount of time in order to enhance our wellbeing and look for something to fulfill our needs and desires.

If someone is not feeling the love, it might mean that the romance or connection is declining, and this can lead to frustration, resentment and detachment over time. When such disconnect is apparent, the likelihood of divorce or separation can increase, due to dissatisfaction on both ends. Regardless of who is to blame or what the situation calls for, divorce means ending one chapter in order to begin another, and sometimes this decision can instantly better your health and wellbeing for the long run. I need a divorce, i want a divorce, i want to divorce my husband, i want to divorce my wife are statements we all make or may make sometime in the future. Here are our top 10 indicators of divorce that you should pay attention to now, in order to seize control of your life and relationship and start doing what’s best for you.


1- Your Spouse thinks they are better than you


you are beneath me

According to the founder of the Gottman Institute, John Gottman, a psychologist at the University of Washington, in an interview with business insider, couples where the partners think that the other is beneath him or her is a big indicator of divorce. Always make your partner feel equal to you.

2- Lack of communication


i want o divorce my wife

According to Gottman, couples who resort to yelling, withdrawal, stonewalling, criticism and defensiveness are more likely to get in a divorce, especially in younger, more recently married couples. If you find yourself unable to communicate, consider seeing a therapist to help provide a safe outlet and aid in translation.

3-Avoiding Sex is another common indicator of divorce


i want to divorce

Dissatisfaction and lack of interest in bed can be a major predictor for divorce. There is an old saying that, “you don’t have sex once you’re married” sort of thing, is outdated, and instead, you should realize that you don’t have sex if you start feeling negativity and less positivity towards your spouse.

4 -Lack of interest in each others feelings


i want a divorce from my husband

Couple Having an Argument

If you use words like “whatever” and “fine” in conversations where your partner is speaking about his or her feelings or any upcoming decisions, tasks or desires, then such apathy can be an indicator of divorce, says a Denver, Colorado-based marriage and family therapist Aaron Anderson in interview with the Huffington Post.

 5-Partners Spend Most Time Outside The Marriage




According to Sam Margulies, PhD, on Psychology Today, couples who invest more of their time in work, other relationships and friendships, and hobbies that don’t involve their spouses are often trying to detach and remove themselves from an unhappy situation. If you are spending much time apart, and perhaps by choice, re-evaluate your partnership.

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