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How to Strength Train and Lose Weight(Easy Steps)

Unless you’ve been living under a rock with no WiFi, you probably know strength training can help you lose weight. You can strength train to et a much better look and form.  But new researches conducted have try to  explain exactly how to use resistance training and Strength Train to lose weight faster than you would with other activities like jogging. Here we will examine in details how to strength train and lose weight.

When to Do It

From observation, two strength training sessions per week produce similar results as three sessions a week. So if you’re new to the workout game, you can aim for two days of strength training, all of your major muscle groups (upper body, lower body, and abs). It’s a manageable schedule that you’ll be less likely to bail on, and you can always add a third session once your routine becomes second nature.

 How Much You Should Lift?

There is no standard weight dedicated that you must lift daily. the weight you lift should depend on the prsent weight of your body and also on the sizes of the weights in hand. it is better to start by lifting much lighter weights the increase in bits as you practice.

How Much to Do

It is recommended that you complete two to four sets of each move, then rest for 30 seconds between sets. If you’re not feeling it, though, stay cool and keep doing it. the amount of weight you loose is not based on the quantity of mass you lift but on how effective you do it. so keep doing it effectively and you will feel it working.

How Much Weight You’ll Lose

Adding resistance training to your routine has been shown to increase lean body weight by one pound per month and decrease fat by one pound per month, which comes out to,  zero pounds lost per month. So, don’t depend on the scale to track your progress. Instead, take measurements or use your clothes as a guide. We’d take a pound of muscle over a pound of fat any day, and if you’re not convinced, these before and after pics should do the trick.

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