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8 Foods That Can Make Your Hair Grow Faster (TESTED AND PROVEN)

If you desire to grow your hair faster, there are certain foods you need to add to your diet. There are certain foods that help speed up hair growth and below are 8 of these foods. These food are found arround us and easy to get. Below is a list of 8 foods that can make your hair grow faster.


If you are serious about growing your hair, you need to add oysters to your diet because they are rich in zinc. Zinc deficiency leads to hair loss.


This is another food needed in your diet plan if you wish to grow your hair faster. Avocados help give you long and shiny hair due to its high-fat content. Avocados also ensure you have a healthy scalp and directly applying avocado to your hair and scalp helps stimulate the production of elastin and collagen. This makes your hair dark and attractive.


Do you wish to grow your hair faster? Then Sweet potatoes should be another food that should be found in your diet plan. They contain beta carotene which is crucial for the absorption of vitamin A (vitamin A is a nutrient that is needed for hair growth and healthy scalp).


Adding this fish to your diet plan would help speed up hair growth because they are rich in omega-3 fatty acids which ensure you have a healthy scalp and having a healthy scalp is important if you want to grow your hair faster. To also maintain a good hair condition, you need vitamins D and amino acids and salmon also contains both.


Adding almonds to your diet plan would help you achieve rapid growth because it contains biotin.


Vitamin C is essential for the strength of your hair strands and follicles and yellow bell pepper is a rich source of vitamin C. Adding this food to your diet plan ensures you have less hair breakage and you would agree with me that if you want to promote rapid hair growth, hair breakage needs to be reduced.


Another reason to love this wonderful food is that it is rich in omega-3 fatty acids and biotin (just as almonds) and both helps you attain longer and healthier hair. The key here is consuming egg yolk because too much consumption of egg white can restrict your body’s assumption of biotin.


Natural Sunflower seeds are rich in vitamin E which helps promote hair growth and ensure your hair is healthy too. These Sunflower seeds also reduces hair loss.



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