Never Give Up

Life always gives us a reason to give up. Every day we wake up with one or two challenges in our head. We even wake up thinking of some things that stress us. We wake up thinking of the long hours of work lying ahead of us. pressures from a debt you owe or a frustration hits hard on you that you really just want to shut down and cry. One thing i have come to realize i that those who are though never give up.

Why you should never give up

Achievements are the prove of success. They come after we have concluded a task successfully. They also bring about the joy from within our hearts. They will come only after we don’t give up on a task or a goal. The main reason you should never give up is because giving up makes you weak. it makes you a failure and it steals you from your original state and position of victory.

How do you stay with out giving up?

There is just one thing you have to do if you don’t want to give up. You have to change your belief and your mind. you have to change you thinking pattern. It all begins from your mind. if you nurse wrong thoughts and wrong beliefs then they will give rise to wrong outcomes. If each time you confront situations with defeat in your mind, you are always going to back out. what is my advice then? change your mind, if you had the wrong taught pattern. This will make a super achiever.

Benefits of never giving up.

when you don’t back out, you become stronger.  When circumstances we go through don’t kill us, they make us stronger. each time you don’t back out, you become stronger.

you also become productive. This because you will know the clear cut ways on how to over come a similar situation when next yo meet it on your way to success.

you become a model and you become a winner. Each time you succeed because you did not give up, you become a winner and winners are always celebrated.

what next?

so that’s it, keep trying and you will soon be a super human who doesn’t bows to circumstances. please write in the comments what you feel about this article. not forgetting to share it with your friends.


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