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How to Naturally Reduce Stress

Stress is a common issue and most people experience stress at some point in their lives. Also, Stress can come from many things, including relationships, money and traumatic events. Stress can cause physical side effects such as headaches, muscle or chest pain, fatigue, upset stomach, insomnia and frequent urination.

It can affect your mood and behaviors. Particularly, it can cause anxiety, restlessness, depression, irritability, anger and social withdrawal. Stress can even impact your physical health. Too much stress for too long can lead to high blood pressure, obesity and heart disease, just to name a few. It can make it very difficult to enjoy life.

It is often not able to be avoided, so it is important to find ways to deal with it. Some of these ways are to think positively, make lifestyle changes, eat healthy and use some home remedies.

Here are our top seven home remedies for stress relief:

  1.  Slow and Deep Breathing
  2.  Epsom Salt
  3.  Chamomile Tea
  4.  Ashwagandha
  5.  Green Tea also helps in stress management.
  6.  Passionflower
  7.  B Vitamins

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