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Leads Tunnel is a effective, simple software that permits you to robotically synchronize your leads within facebook to any email software you choice. it has been tested & permitted by means of facebook and integrated with over 20 email automation softwares.

Leads Tunnel is a cloud based software that connects the brand new Facebook Leads Ad system to your favorite autoresponder, CRM, or webinar platform.

  1. It doesn’t store your leads (100% safe security)
  2. It lets you do MULTIPLE opt ins (Webinar + autoresponder + CRM at once)
  3. It’s priced at about 80% less than the competition!

Leads Tunnel creates a easy tunnel between your fb account and your email automation software program. when a lead is gathered within facebook, it’ll routinely ship your e mail leads into your email software through a tunnel, almost instantly. In fact, Leads Tunnel does no longer accumulate any of your email leads statistics. This makes your email leads safe and invulnerable from hackers.

Yes. I know it’s shocking. No more landing pages?! Squeeze pages are dead? 100% Opt in rate? Can it be true??

lets find out…

My friends Anik, Jimmy, & Fred have just released a revolutionary cloud based tool that allows you to bypass all the headaches of compliance and webpages/squeeze page and jump straight to the source. It’s called Leads Tunnel and it’s a push button software that allows you to leverage the brand new Facebook Leads Platform. Until now, you’d have to pay hundreds of dollars just to get this kind of technology.

Never Have Your Facebook Account  Shut Down! Run As Many Ads As You Want – 100% SAFE! Your Landing Page Can Never Get You In Trouble…

  1. Firstly – You Never Have A Landing Page. 99% of the Time – Facebook shuts down accounts due to the Landing Page. You’ll never have to face this issue…
  2. Secondly – Facebook Prefer This Ad! Facebook knows you want to promote an opt-in page. This is why they have just made it easier. Why mess around with pages!

The #1 thing you can do to Rock it out with Facebook is to simply give them what they want. Facebook wants you to pull their users directly out from within their system, so be it! Facebook actually REWARDS you for this. Your life becomes EASIER. Facebook is happier. You get LASER-TARGETED LEADS starting in just minutes. WIN-WIN-WIN.

have you heard of the brand new facebook Leads program? It’s wherein you could avoid the use of landing pages or “compliant” pages and move directly to the supply and get leads in just a few clicks. big problem – They concealed the record and so as to “add” it, you have to find the proper supply and you have to PRAY they let you add it..

The Fix- It’s found right here. It’s called Leads Tunnel and it’s the GAMECHANGER you’ve been waiting for. No more technology. No more confusions. Best of all, it doesn’t store your leads, it connects to 20+ places, and it allows you to do it to multiple places at once..

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TONS of Ways to Instantly Build Your List:

  • 20 Autoresponder & Webinar Platforms Integrated — Fully automate your marketing
  • Eliminate websites & technology — Now you can instantly start & run your business…
  • Start in just 5 minutes — No delays. Nothing to learn. Just use Leads Tunnel
  • Leads Tunnel has Multi Opt-in — Opt-in the subscriber to an autoresponder AND webinar platform!
  • Eliminate Fake Emails — Always guarantee you get their REAL & BEST Email address!
  • FILL Your Webinars — List size doesn’t matter – EVERY webinar will be packed!
  • Leads Tunnel 100% Cloud Based — Nothing to download. Nothing to install
  • SECURE & PROTECTED — Leads Tunnel NEVER store your leads – they are 100% YOURS.
  • Facebook Compliant — Leads Tunnel have been APPROVED by Facebook…
  • Instant List Builder — Never worry about PAGES or TRAFFIC – all done for you!


Leads Tunnel Immediately Build an Email List — NO Website Needed! Get 100% Opt-in Rate. Never Worry About Bad Opt-in Pages or Bad Copywriting – Directly Suck Email Leads Out of Facebook!

  • 100% Opt-In Conversions. Don’t risk creating a bad landing page or bad copywriting. There is zero chance of losing a lead.
  • Stop Paying For Fake Emails. So many people fill in BAD Emails just to steal your Free gift. Now, you get their REAL Email address they use in FACEBOOK with Leads Tunnel
  • Never Worry About Technology. Stop fumbling around with opt-in page creators, landing page creators, hosting-forget it all!
  • Start Within 5 Minutes. Just setting up your page and hosting can take days! Not anymore, you can get unlimited leads within 5 minutes…
  • Your 20 Favorite Autoresponders Integrated with Leads Tunnel. No Software to Install — Start tracking clicks in just seconds

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Promote Affiliate Offers Within Clicks  — Create Instant Income! Now, You Can Compete High on Leaderboards Even If You Don’t  Have an Email List – Partner with Facebook!

  • Create Instant Income. No product needed. No list needed. No website needed. Instantly monetize affiliate programs!
  • Build A Long-Term Business & Profits with Leads Tunnel. Instead of just making money from ONE affiliate program – OWN the list for LIFE!
  • Win Jv Contests – Shock Anyone & Everyone. The days of the “same old big boys” ruling the leaderboards are GONE. You can instantly compete now!

The best part about Leads Tunnel is that it allows you to start your business in 5 minutes flat. All you need to do is just grab an affiliate link for an offer you like, throw it into your favorite autoresponder – DONE! Leads Tunnel will directly connect your Facebook account with your favorite autoresponder. From there, you can create an Ad in a few clicks and you’re in BUSINESS!


With Laser Targeted Attendees Now All You Need Is 48 Hours, a Small Ad & You Can Get The Most Targeted Webinar Attendees – STRAIGHT FROM Facebook!

  • Leads Tunnel Directly Connects To Your Webinar Platform. This means people can click ONE BUTTON & register for your Webinar directly from Facebook!
  • Multi Opt-In. Leads Tunnel allows you to put this lead into your webinar platform AND your favorite autoresponder – at the same time!
  • Fill Webinars – Even If You Have No Email List. This is what will level the playing field. You can now sell HIGH-TICKET products & build your list at the same time!
  • Start Selling High-Ticket Products. We all know that the secret to building a MILLION DOLLAR business is selling high-ticket products. You can instantly start now!

If you have ever wanted to start using WEBINARS in your business. If you ever wanted to sell HIGH TICKET PRODUCTS, but have been waiting because your LIST IS SMALL. Leads Tunnel is here TO THE RESCUE! No matter how big or small your Email list is, you will now have 100% PACKED WEBINARS, any time you want!

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