Fear Not, even if you are confused

Life gives us each day that passes one thousand reasons to fear but i say fear not. Most at-times the reason we fear is because we are confused. I have a message for you today, fear not.

(FEAR NOT) why shouldn’t you fear?

Fear is an element from satan and he uses this to subdues and hold many people captive. the things we fear are not big. our minds are what makes them big. ignorance is the main reason why we get to fear things. we turn our backs off circumstances because we have no idea of the fact that we are more than them. even when you are confused fear not. when you have loosed all your hopes i still say fear not. when you are faced with rejection and insults of all kinds, i still say fear not. the reason being that fear steals away your hope. It drains your energy am makes you worthless. it reduces your self esteem and brings you down to the level of an empty vessel. living in fear makes you unproductive. fear reduces our life span and in some cases causes palpitation.

How do you break loose from fear?

You break loose by going contrary to what you feel when you are scared or in the face of fear. For instance, when you are faced with a situation that causes you to fear, and suddenly you want to cry; the do the opposite. Take a deep breath and smile. That the only way out of the grip of fear. If there is always reason to cry, don’t yield to it look for even just a reason to smile and them smile. If you want to be bold, them be fearless. If you want to be rich, be fearless. If you want to have a longer time hear on earth. Then you must be ready to kill all your fear. you also have to be full of joy and be at peace at all times in your heart.

What next?

live your life happily and in joy knowing that  fear is not part of you and its not for you. You are a champion, stronger than fear. know your lane and move just on it. always remember that the motto is fear not.

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