How to build your self esteem.

The reason why you are smiling now or crying is because of one thing; your self esteem. You can either be at your optimum or at your worst. The state in which you find yourself is a function of your self esteem. You can have either high self esteem or low self esteem. self esteem and depression are linked together as we will see below.

what is self esteem?

self esteem is a feeling of pride in oneself. This may be because of an achievement or because of a success. high self esteem is when you feel excited with your self. When this occurs you become generally smart and productive. on the other hand, low self esteem is when you feel regret for on self. it mostly manifest in self pity.

How do you build your self esteem?

You build your self esteem by constantly doing those things which make you happy. To ensure that your esteem is always high,you have to engage always in the things you know that makes you excited and smile. Maintaining your self esteem always at top most form is sufficing that you forget the past and regrets.  You have to ignore the hurts and the nasty feelings of the past that brought you hurt rather than joy. Also you have have to surround yourself with people who make you feel happy.

more so,..

if you maintain a company that constantly plans just hurt and regrets, then your self esteem wont be growing. building self esteem also requires that you constantly try new things and engage in new things. this will play a big role in you forgetting the ugly past or circumstances that wants to be a source of delay for you. last but not the list don’t blame your self. most at times this causes more harm than good. Rather than blaming yourself, engage in self appraisal and affirmations. This will play a big role in building your self esteem.

How do you maintain a healthy self esteem?

You maintain a healthy self esteem by continually doing the things that build self esteem. it will be good to know that your self esteem is not constant as such it fluctuates. there are times when your self esteem will be high and there are times when it will be low. the main cause for this is depression. depression feeds on our self esteem; as such if you want to always be in top for always kill depression by being a fearless person. Its not rocket science but the more you do these things, the better you become at it.

what next?

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