About us

NYCrunch is a blog dedicated to teaching you how you can maximize your personal effectiveness. I strongly believe that many of us today; including me, live below our maximum potential and abilities. While they do achieve their goals in life, acquire certificates and assets, there are still many more that they can do and achieve. The problem is that they don’t focus on their lives. They don’t add value to their lives. There are aspects and areas of their lives that can be made better and more effective than what they are now.

The idea of NYCrunch was gotten and nursed while i was studying for my bachelor’s degree in physics. In my school here in Cameroon, we have people who live below their standards and they don’t make use of the resources they have at their disposal. I discovered that though there was basically all we needed to live, some people were still deficient. this is because they lacked motivation, they had loosed focus and didn’t know what way else to go. As i began helping them, they improved and got better. I then decided to create a blog where i can teach people how to improve their lives.

i believe that at one point in time in our lives, we just need people to talk to. We need to hear the experiences of others an how they overcame some challenges. this will make us better, and make this planet a good home for us all.

About Me

My name is Philemon Ngang and I live in Cameroon west Africa. I’m an devoted learner who has a deep passion  for engeneering and personal effectiveness.

Since 2014 when I got to know about blogging, I have already “fallen in love” with blogging and writing online. It gives me a huge opportunity to learn new things which is very exciting for me. On the other hand, I also like organizational activities such as student body and social gatherings. Through these activities I can develop skills which I won’t get in class such as management and interpersonal skill.

I believe that every person has a huge potential which is commonly underdeveloped, and because of that, I’m also very interested in personal effectiveness. Unleashing the full potential of myself and others has become my ultimate goal. I believe the main reason why i was born is to help people get to the best version of themselves.