5 Cute Things to Say to Girls (#4 Will SHOCK You)

When it comes to talking to women sometimes men over-complicate things. If you’re the kind of guy who can never seem to think of the right thing to say or who gets nervous just approaching a woman then you need to keep in mind that is often the simplest, easiest things that women will respond to with the most enthusiasm. Instead of elaborate pick-up lines or overly flirtatious compliments try saying something that is straightforward, sweet and sincere. These are 5 simple cute things to say to a girl

1. “You’re funny.”

Does she make you laugh? Is she silly, full of jokes or just make you chuckle? One of the highest compliments you can give any person is that they are funny!

Women, in particular, aren’t always told that they are funny because sometimes humor is assumed to be a “guy thing.” Women really, really LOVE to make guys laugh. It’s an awesome feeling.

Feeling like she can make you laugh and that you “get” her sense of humor will make her feel great about herself… and you!

2. “You’re beautiful.”

Please, please, PLEASE don’t tell a woman she has a great body or that you love her smile. It’s cheesy, overplayed and comes off as insincere and a little presumptuous and/or sleazy.

Instead, tell her the simple truth that she is a beautiful woman. All women are beautiful in their own way and sometimes it is just nice to hear that (forget all of the hype of supermodels and magazines) she is an attractive and valuable woman.

She will respond much more positively to this than to a compliment about her butt or sexy legs. Most importantly, you will come across as modest and thoughtful as opposed to an imposing creep.

3. “I love your outfit.”

Women invest a lot of time and energy into their clothing, shoes and accessories. You may think that it is silly or unnecessary to primp and preen but women really love to put themselves together in a way that they think will turn heads.

If you can tell that she put some thought into her outfit then make a point to tell her that she looks nice. There is nothing worse to a woman than to fix themselves up in a new outfit and not get a compliment.

If she spends time shopping and then more time getting dressed and then even MORE time fixing her hair and make-up it is nice for her to feel acknowledged and noticed.

Most guys don’t think to let a girl know that he likes her style and you will stand out for paying attention. Plus, it shows that you aren’t just interested in her body and that you are thoughtful enough to notice the details.

4. “You’re Talented”

Every woman is talented in her own way. It is your job to find what is awesome about her and point it out.

Can she cook well? Does she read a lot? Is she interested in politics or current events? Is she a great singer or poet? What is her talent? What does she do well?

Figure it out and then make a point to let her know! She will be so glad to get a compliment about something other than her physical appearance that she will surely be excited to keep chatting with you.

5. “I am so glad we met.”

This one works whether you have known the girl for 5 minutes or 5 years. Let her know that you are really happy that you two connected.

Don’t push the subject into dating, sex or anything romantic. Just let her know that you are truly glad that you get to hang out with her… even just at that very moment.

Women loved to feel valued as fun, interesting people. They respond well to being important to you. They don’t want to feel like one out of any number of girls you could date, know or spend time with. This compliment will make them feel very special and is extremely simple and unassuming!

When looking for cute things to say to girls simple is usually better. Instead of elaborate, rehearsed or over the top statements simply speak from your heart and be straightforward and honest.

Women will find this immensely sexy and you will come across as humble, sensitive and kind. There is nothing better than a sincere and thoughtful compliment.

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